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SFM Consulting GmbH services

  • Startup support & coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Product management
  • Design of webpage
  • Online store set-up
  • Teaching client the use of online store back-end
  • Delivery & tracking of product
  • Implementing business systems

Measured improvements of client’s business performance:

  • Increase in total sales
  • Stronger branding & product visibility
  • Improved customer experience
  • Simplified reporting & planning
  • Easier marketing & sales management
  • Gained productivity & time management


Our client, a newly established freelance artist in Zürich, needed help reaching her goal becoming an independent artist. The recent marketing returns needed attention, she often experienced time pressure while somewhat ironically also delivered unstable sales performances.
After analyzing the client’s business, we identified all tasks and efforts resulting in these operational “bottlenecks”, designed a customized workflow to effectively eliminate future bottlenecks. The main goal was to create as much dedicated room for creativity & production for our client as possible. By implementing smart business systems to simplify sales & product distribution, the customer experience improved as well. By moving most of the business online, our client could now control and automatize both sales-related and other time-consuming tasks. The client was trained to effectively manage basic sales, planning and keep on top of her business through online reporting & accounting systems. After our latest cooperation, our client shows encouraging development aspiring as an illustrator and tattoo artist in Zürich